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Friends Purchase State of the Art Research Tool.

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The Friends of the Library purchased a microfilm/reader/scanner/printer which will make historical and genealogy research much faster.  Scan Pro 3000 is a computer based digital scanner that can utilize 35 microfilm and microfiche to convert to a digital format that can be manipulated to print on a single sheet of paper.  Local Researcher Allen Nemec (pictured above) states “The Scan Pro 3000 is terrific!  I was able to save historical documents to my USB drive with ease.  The new machine allows you to rotate, enhance, and crop images with just a few clicks!   It is truly state of the art and the only one to my knowledge in the county.  Thank you for updating to this high tech equipment.”


February 2, 2019 Fiction, Mysteries, and Media Sale

Now is a good time to stock up on recreational reading and media for the rest of the winter — all for sale in the comfort of the Library Annex, 109 E. Jefferson St.   This sale will feature Mysteries/Action-adventure, Fiction/Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, large print books as well as a variety of oversized books on the shelves, including cook books, graphic novels, humor/cartoons, and other non fiction categories.

There is also a large selection of CDs, DVDs, and some books-on-tape.   All proceeds are reinvested in the Macomb Public Library.

Expanded In-House Books for You!

As you walk into the main entrance of the library, look to your right and you will see a large shelving unit with hardbound books and a wooden flat bed case full of paperbacks.  This has doubled our in-house books available to you for a suggested donation fee with a donation box in the center of the tall book case.  Check it out!  bargain in-house Kate Joswick, Friends board member,  is pictured above re-stocking the shelf.

Check out the latest newsletter!

The Winter 2018 Bookmark Newsletter is edited by Karen Proulx. This issue offers a host of gift suggestions from the owners of New Copperfield’s Book Service, news from out\r book sale coordinators, an introduction to library employee Gabi Douglas, an overview of winter activities in the library, and more. Click on Winter 2018 .

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