This 3 day sale is held under a large tent and in the Library Annex, 109 E. Jefferson St. Books are arranged in broad subject areas: Fiction, Mystery/Action Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Non Fiction, History/Biography, Religion/Philosophy, Wellness (psychology, health, exercise) etc. plus separate sections for Children and Youth. The Library Annex includes all CDs, DVDs, as well as specialized books such as Cook Books, the Arts, Graphic Novels, Humor/Cartoons, etc. and oversized books on a variety of subjects. The books are generally in very good condition and reasonably priced.

  • Thurs. June 24: 4 – 6 p.m. MEMBERS ONLY PRE-SALE (you can join on location)
  • Fri. June 25: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. BOOK SALE
  • Sat. June 26: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (3 -4 p.m. BAG SALE) BOOK SALE

1,800+ Books Distributed to Social Services by FOL in 2020

Because of COVID-19 the two major book sales were cancelled leaving the Annex with an abundance of books. To compensate for this loss of activity, book sales Coordinators Becky Parker and Elisa Rasumssen, conducted 6 Saturday free-will donations sales outside of the Annex . During this time, they re-evaluated the entire stock of books in the Annex selecting books to be distributed to social service agencies reserving the rest for future book sales.

Over 1,800 books were then distributed to a variety of places including Everly House, Wesley Village, Lamoine Assisted Living, Western Illinois Regional Council and the McDonough County Jail. Approximately 275 books were given to Wee Card Day Center to help restock their library loss as a result of the June fire. An additional 475 books were selected by a Western Illinois Correctional Center representative to boost their outdated library collection.

Thanks to continued donation of books, CDs, and DVDs, a larger stock of new material will be available when regular sales resume. Donations of good conditioned, timely books and media are welcomed. Call the library if you would like to drop them off at the library or if you would like books to be picked up.

Books Donated to School Art Project.

BOOKS DONATED TO SCHOOL ART PROJECT.    Friends of the Library have contributed 9 boxes of older, unsold books with sewn bindings as part of a special art project  initiated by the Macomb Jr. High School art teacher Jacy Biggs pictured below with Elisa Rasmussen, Co-Chair of the Friends of the Library Book Sales.

Friends Purchase State of the Art Research Tool.

IMG_3781 (2)

The Friends of the Library purchased a microfilm/reader/scanner/printer which will make historical and genealogy research much faster.  Scan Pro 3000 is a computer based digital scanner that can utilize 35 microfilm and microfiche to convert to a digital format that can be manipulated to print on a single sheet of paper.  Local Researcher Allen Nemec (pictured above) states “The Scan Pro 3000 is terrific!  I was able to save historical documents to my USB drive with ease.  The new machine allows you to rotate, enhance, and crop images with just a few clicks!   It is truly state of the art and the only one to my knowledge in the county.  Thank you for updating to this high tech equipment.”

Check out the latest newsletter!

The Winter 2019 Bookmark Newsletter is edited by Karen Proulx. As usual, this December newsletter offers a list of books suggested by our friends at New Copperfield’s Book Service that would be perfect for holiday gift giving. Get the results of the Non-Fiction and Media Sale and the details about the upcoming Mystery/Fiction Book Sale. Meet library employee Rachel Bosworth, get a preview of our 2020 Annual Meeting speaker, see what’s happening this winter in the library for both children and adults, read all about different types of book clubs as well as our own long-standing book clubs, and more. Click on Winter 2019.

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